Google image search

In this post, you'll learn how to optimise the images on your website to increase their visibility - and your website's visibility - in Google Image Search.


Behind Google Image Search

For Google to present your image to users doing a specific search, the elements of the image need to tell Google what the image is about, what it's called and what it shows. This increases the chance that your image will appear in search results and especially in Google's image search function. Another benefit is that images can also help increase relevance at the page level and therefore help improve your overall organic rankings.

Advantages of images

In addition to using images to show up in the search results of a Google image search, images are a great way to reinforce your contextual points more visually for the user. Not only that, but images in Google search results are often used to initially capture the user's interest.

If you use images correctly and use good images, you are more likely to keep the user on your website than if you don't use images - and after all, you want to keep the user on your website. In fact, you want to keep the user on your site not just to get your message across to the user, but because it is downright harmful for too many users to leave your site to visit another. Because if that happens often, it will be impossible to maintain a good ranking.

Google image search - the right dimensions

Before you start, it's important to know the dimensions of your image. The bigger your image, the more it will take up (and take longer to load), so you should always adjust the image to fit the size you want to appear on your website. Mistakenly, many people resize their images with code instead of just resizing the image. This should be avoided as the image will then load in its full dimension, even if the image appears smaller to the user.

Captions - image search

Captions, which are the text that is integrated with an image and displayed above or below the image, are very important as this caption is often read by over 300% more users than the regular body text. Captions are also used to add a number of additional search phrases or as additional confirmation of the primary keywords. In some cases, a caption will seem redundant, but you should always consider using a caption for SEO benefits.

Remember alt-texts on your photos

Alt texts should always be accompanied by an image, as this is the one Google listens to most to find out what the image is about. Alt text was originally intended for the visually impaired who may have difficulty seeing an image or for those who surf the web without images.

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