Google Ads Course

With our Google Ads course, you'll learn how to create effective and profitable ad campaigns that bring you more new customers and increased revenue. We'll strengthen your in-house skills and give you a solid understanding of how to get the most out of Google Ads at the lowest possible cost. We hold courses in both Aarhus and Copenhagen, and of course we can also come to your company if you wish.


Get started with Google Ads

For example, a course could cover basic knowledge and advertising strategies in Google Ads, or it can cover more in-depth and specialised topics according to your needs. We run courses for both individuals and larger groups of staff.

The course is designed around your business, your target audience and your objectives, so you get the most out of the course and we can give you concrete advertising strategies and methods you can use in your daily work. The course is usually structured as a mix of presentations, debates and workshops, so that you learn how to put your Google Ads knowledge into practice quickly and effectively.

At InboundCPH we have many years of practical experience, not only in working with Google Ads, but also in communicating and teaching Google Ads. We have previously taught and worked with digitally ambitious B2B and B2C companies such as Spies, Oticon Medical, Berlingske Media, Stylepit, BRFkredit and Audi.

Contact us to learn more about our courses or read more below.

Tailored Google Ads Course

A Google Ads course is designed around your business and your objectives, so we can enable you to create effective ad campaigns that ensure you get the most out of your ad dollars. The duration and content of our course will be agreed with you. We adapt our course to your level, and can therefore help you whether you are a beginner or an expert. See also our seo courses.

Typical subject areas

For example, the course can cover basic knowledge, strategies and methods within Google Ads, or they can cover more in-depth, specialised and strategic topics depending on your needs. We often find that the need falls into one of the following four categories:

Google Ads strategy
We'll help you set a solid Google Ads strategy that will give you the best return on your investment. The strategy is based on thorough analysis of your target audience, so you can target your ads to their search habits, hit them at the right time and set realistic goals for your campaigns.

We'll give you an understanding of the different targeting options in Google Ads, including how to reach local, regional and/or national audiences. We'll also advise you on bidding strategies and setting ad budgets, and teach you how to take advantage of the different ad types available in Google Ads, including Shopping ads and remarketing ads, among others.

Ad texts and landing pages
We teach you to write relevant and attractive ad copy with the right keywords that increase your click-through rate. Through practical exercises, you'll get feedback on your own ad copy, and through split tests (A/B tests), we examine which texts have the greatest impact on the target audience.

A click on an ad is worth nothing if the visitor does not convert into a customer. We give you a solid knowledge of how to create effective landing pages that increase your conversion rate.

Google Ads for beginners
We'll give you a thorough introduction to the ad tool and help you get started so you can use it to increase sales and get more new customers. You'll learn how to set up ads, define and segment your audiences, and understand your audiences' search behaviour on Google so you can create effective ad campaigns.

You will have the opportunity to test your knowledge in practice, and we will give you concrete and thorough feedback on your work and results. We also teach you how to assess and evaluate your results yourself, so you can constantly optimise your output. If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal.

Google Ads at management level
If your company or team is about to start working with Google Ads, we can give you a knowledge edge so you can better set concrete and realistic guidelines for your employees and more easily track their performance and results.

We'll give you a solid understanding of Google Ads and teach you how to measure and evaluate the impact and value of your ad campaigns. As needed, we can help set specific guidelines and tasks for your staff.

Why choose a Google Ads course with us?

Our Google Ads course is designed around your business, your market and your target audience to ensure you get the most out of the course and to give you concrete strategies, methods and tools to use in your work with Google Ads.

We have a highly qualified team of Google Ads specialists who teach in a dedicated and structured way in an easy to understand manner. Our business understanding and professional knowledge are the prerequisite for us to offer you the optimal training.

High yield
With a solid expertise and professionalism, we ensure you a greater yield and return on your advertising campaigns. We are proud to have taught and worked for digitally ambitious companies such as Stylepit, Spies, BRFkredit, Aller, Berlingske Media and Audi.

A Google Ads course with us is typically structured as a mix of presentations, workshops and debates, so you learn how to put the knowledge into practice quickly and effectively. We start from the challenges, framework conditions and objectives you have in your company.

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Do you and your employees need professional sparring and upskilling to work with Google Ads? Contact Ian Rosenfeldt for a no-obligation discussion about how we can put together a targeted course for you.

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