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With InboundCPH, you get a dedicated sparring partner and collaborator who provides professional and knowledge-based advice on Google Ads to ensure an increased return on your ad campaigns. Read more about our advice below.


Leading Google Ads specialists

InboundCPH is a certified Google Ads agency and an impartial and committed sparring partner who can advise you professionally on your existing and future advertising campaigns to ensure an increased return. We provide you with a solid understanding of how Google Ads works and how to create profitable Google Ads campaigns that increase your return on investment (ROI).

We get to know your business and your target group, we meet you personally, and we are of course always available by email, phone and Skype if you have any questions. An agreement based on consulting hours can be combined with targeted advertising campaigns on our part.

Our Google Ads advice includes

Our Google Ads consultancy can include the following depending on your needs:

  • Strategy. We can help you set clear goals for your Google Ads campaigns, and we can help you develop a concrete strategy to achieve the goals you're after. You'll get concrete, actionable advice and suggestions for improvement that you can use in your day-to-day work.
  • Analysis. The prerequisite for a successful ad campaign is that you know your target audience and you know how to engage and motivate them. We can help you conduct the analysis that will give you the best insight and knowledge ahead of your ad campaigns.
  • Conversion optimisation. User and competitor behaviour is constantly changing, so you need to constantly make sure your ads are targeted correctly. We can help you continually evaluate and optimise your campaigns to ensure your ads deliver maximum value.
  • Trademark protection. Many companies bid on keywords related to their own brand while allowing competitors to do the same. This drives up the price of those keywords, and can be an area where we can help you save a lot of money.
  • Global marketing. Google Ads is the largest advertising medium in a large number of countries. We can help you reach audiences both locally and globally.
  • Advertisement types. We have experience with both text ads, display ads (image ads), shopping ads and video ads. Through a combination of different ad types, we can ensure greater visibility and increased interest among your target audience.
  • Landing pages. Landing pages are the category or product pages on your website that users land on after clicking on one of your ads. We can advise you on optimising your landing pages to increase the chance of visitors converting to customers.
  • Budgeting. We can help you set a realistic budget for your Google Ads campaigns and guide you in setting the click rates (PPC) on your ads, ensuring you get the maximum return.
  • SEO. In many cases search engine optimization a more cost-effective marketing method than Google Ads. We can advise you on when to use Google Ads and when you'll benefit more from focusing on SEO.

Strategic Google Ads advice

The prerequisite for success with Google Ads is a well thought-out and targeted Google Ads strategy. The strategy must be based on an understanding of who your target audience is, how your ads will reach them, and how your ads should be set up and worded to achieve the highest possible conversion rate and return on investment.

If your ad campaigns are not set up correctly and if they are not continuously evaluated and optimised, you risk spending money on ads that do not have the desired or optimal impact. It is therefore essential that you have the necessary knowledge not only to set up effective campaigns, but also to evaluate and optimise them on an ongoing basis.

At InboundCPH, we have years of experience in Google Ads consulting. We thoroughly understand your company, your industry, your products or services and your challenges in order to provide you with the advice and the sparring you need to achieve your goals. We value the personal relationship, because the return on cooperation increases the better we know each other.

We'll give you a solid understanding of how Google Ads works and provide concrete guidance on how to create targeted, effective and high-converting campaigns that increase your return on investment. Throughout the process, we're available by email, phone and Skype if you have any questions.

Training in Google Ads

In addition to our advice, we offer targeted training programmes for your employees. We give you a solid understanding of the value of Google Ads, how to set up new ad campaigns, how to set a budget, how to define and segment your audiences, and how to measure the impact of your campaigns.

We train all relevant employees in the company, so you are optimally equipped for working with Google Ads. You decide, of course, how much we get involved in your Google Ads work and what you want to learn more about. Read more about our Google Ad Courses.

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