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200 crisp e-pages on SEO tips & tricks from the godfather of SEO, Henning Madsen

Everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimisation in 2022.

In our brand new version of the SEO book, you'll get a solid insight into the workflows that are essential for effective and results-oriented search engine optimisation (SEO) in 2022.

The book is an application-oriented handbook for those who want to strengthen their company's work with SEO and those who need the knowledge to engage with an SEO agency as an active and critical partner.

Our new SEO book is aimed at both marketing managers who need a strategic overview of SEO as a marketing channel, and operational staff who need practical guidance on how to implement the strategy. You can simply read the chapters that are relevant to you - and forward the other chapters to your colleagues who are on task.

SEO is an extensive process, and if you buy a book like The Art of SEO, you'll have to wade through no less than 1,000 pages. You won't find that level of detail here, and books like this are unlikely to be relevant to anyone other than a small handful of SEO specialists. In return, you get a tangible book focused on ensuring your business has a strong presence on Google.

The SEO book is written by SEO guru Henning Madsen in collaboration with Google Marketing specialists Lasse Grubbe, Mark Mølgaard, Louise Lundø and Martino d'Apuzzo from InboundCPH.

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SEO book version 2.0

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Information about the book:

  • Title: SEO book version 2.0
  • Page number: 200
  • Language: Danish
  • Format: PDF
  • Price: Free

    SEO arc content


    What is SEO?

    SEO is business critical

    Online marketing channels

    The four elements of SEO

    Myths about SEO

    Search engines

    Search results

    Positions and click rates




    What is an SEO strategy?



    Investment level


    Action Plan

    Role allocation


    Choosing an SEO agency

    Marketing mix

    Google Ads and SEO



    What is technology?




    Load time

    Mobile friendliness



    WWW (World Wide Web)

    HTTP and HTTPS


    Response codes

    Canonical tags

    Divided content

    Hreflang (language versioning)

    Structured data


    Open Graph tags

    Text elements





    What is content?

    Know your audience

    Keyword analysis

    Types of searches

    Search volume

    Selection of keywords

    Content optimization

    Page title

    Page description

    Bread text


    Internal links

    Outgoing links



    PDF files

    Topic clusters

    Duplicated content

    Autogenerated texts



    What are links?

    Needs analysis

    The good link

    Natural link building

    Harmful links

    Dead links

    Link-free publicity

    Competitor links

    Guest blogging

    Earned links

    Partner links

    CSR links

    Labelling schemes

    Media links

    Purchased links


    User signals

    What are user signals?

    Types of user signals

    Google's data sources

    Optimisation of user signals

    Optimisation of click-through rates (CTR)

    Optimisation of website behaviour



    What is evaluation?

    Operational objectives

    Tactical goals

    Economic objectives

    Reasons for failure




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