4 years ago, Nordic Leasing chose to get help with SEO – a long-term solution that proved to pay off

In 2018, Nordic Leasing was contacted by InboundCPH, which was the start of a long-term collaboration with SEO. For Philip Broberg, Leasing Supporter at Nordic Leasing, the hope with a long-term solution like this was to generate more visitors to their website - a wish that was very much fulfilled:

"From 2018 when we started, we have more than doubled our number of visitors" - Philip Broberg

Graphics for the landing page (Nordic Leasing)

The personal relationship is crucial for the cooperation between Nordic Leasing and InboundCPH

Over the years, Nordic Leasing has been approached by many different marketing agencies trying to sell them services to grow their business. Nordic Leasing had tried radio spots, newspaper ads and Facebook advertising, but had reached a point where they needed a solution that wasn't constantly being turned on and off. So when Mark walked in the door, and the gut feeling was good, there was no doubt what their next step should be. For Philip, it wasn't just about results on the bottom line, it was just as much about the person behind it:

"Mark came to visit and I think we just clicked from the start. The way it was all approached and received. The whole visit was very straightforward, and it has subsequently proved to work for us. our expectations".

The gut feeling turned out to be right, and from the reports Nordic Leasing can see today, it is the solution that has worked best for them:

"What we can see statistically is that SEO is the most profitable. And we can see right back from when InboundCPH and Mark came in that traffic has increased."

Great progress at Nordic Leasing, compared to competitors

Besides the increased traffic and the good relationship between Nordic Leasing and InboundCPH, their performance also looks promising compared to their competitors: 

"It's always exciting to see our results compared to those of our competitors. And from the reports we have, we can see that we have had the greatest continuous progress."


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