"We are fighting for users' time in an extremely competitive market"

This is the reality for Patrick Thestrup, who currently works as Senior Digital Performance Manager for Blockbuster.

Blockbuster has been working with InboundCPH since 2016 to create visibility for their online presence. Initially, the specific goal was to generate a certain amount of traffic and a certain amount of sales. These goals were also met.


The collaboration between InboundCPH and Blockbuster today

Since 2016, Blockbuster has evolved internally. Today, working with InboundCPH is no longer about individual KPIs. For Patrick, it's about the interaction across channels and achieving the right KPIs together. For him, InboundCPH is an extended arm, taking care of an area in which he is not an expert.

"Today, we have brought in new capabilities and competencies, working more internally and with you as an agency to achieve our goals.

The most important thing is that we create some traffic and awareness around the new movie titles that land at Blockbuster. It's important to communicate to existing users, but also to new potential users who come in via Google, for example. That's why it's equally important for me to be kept up to date on our SEO efforts, as I'm not a specialist here myself. The value of the collaboration is centred around sparring and getting the insights we need to ensure we work towards an optimised interaction between all channels"

Today, InboundCPH ensures that Blockbuster has the right texts on the site when new movie titles are released.

The focus is on reporting KPIs and ensuring ongoing maintenance of the site with a focus on SEO optimization. But we are also on Blockbuster's growth journey in the Nordics.

"Right now, we're getting a lot out of the texts we order from you. We don't have the resources to produce them ourselves. In addition, we also have reporting set up with you that we use to ensure there is continuous progress. It's primarily organic visibility and traffic to the site that will ensure sales in the end. These are our KPIs that we use you to manage. It's important to us.

We also have reports that compare our performance with the competition, so we can see where we're doing well and, more importantly, where we can step up our game. It creates great value for us to know if we are catching up with the big players (competitors) in the market. It has happened several times that we have overtaken some big competitors and your sparring has also been really important for us.

Now we're trying something new in the Nordics, where we have a dream of growing even more. Among other things, we have developed various keyword analyses to see what growth potential there is in the current markets and be able to act on it."

In 2020, Google came up with a new update.

This affected the visibility of many websites, including Blockbusters. It's firefighting moments like this where the good relationship between Blockbuster and InboundCPH has been crucial to bounce back quickly.

"Since the 2020 update, we've bounced back with your help. The same goes for Norway, Sweden and Finland - where it's just an upward curve for how visible we are there. We're growing not just visibility, but traffic and sales on the channel. In the number of years we've been using you, we've grown significantly."


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