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Style pit

Merger of Denmark's largest online fashion retailers.

Stylepit Case


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Merger of webshops without loss of turnover

Stylepit previously sold fashion on four different segmented webshops: Smartguy, Smartgirl, Smartkids and Smartsport. In 2014, they decided to consolidate all products on Stylepit, and a strong mantra was to maintain visibility on Google and maintain the previous market shares despite the merger into one webshop.

Stylepit chose InboundCPH as its SEO partner shortly after the merger. At the time, Stylepit's visibility on Google was close to zero, so the only way to reach Google users was to buy Google Ads. Google Ads was a quick way to create awareness for the new webshop, but in the long run it was not profitable.

The task was therefore to ensure Stylepit's visibility in Google search results as quickly as possible, so that the Google Ads budget could once again be reduced to a minimum. After just a few months, we managed to restore the visibility of the four previous webshops - ahead of major competitors such as Boozt, Miinto and Ellos:



The objective of the collaboration was to regain visibility on Google after the merger of the four webshops, so that the Google Ads budget could once again be reduced to a minimum and the profitability on new customers could be significantly improved.



The first step was to identify links to the old websites and point them to Stylepit. Subsequently, we launched a technical optimisation and a thorough optimisation of the content of the website based on the search habits of the target audience.



After a difficult start with little progress in the first four months, Stylepit's visibility on Google increased by 465 % in just two months. Stylepit has achieved significantly higher visibility on Google than Boozt, Ellos and Miinto.


For us, SEO is actually the difference between surviving and not surviving.

Our level of investment in Google Ads was not profitable in the long run. And if you have a store where you pay too much relative to what it converts, you go out of business. So for us, SEO is actually the difference between surviving and not surviving.

Peter Hestbaek

Marketing Director


InboundCPH is a strong entrepreneur and a great capacity in online marketing and SEO in particular.

InboundCPH is a strong contractor and a great capacity in online marketing and SEO in particular. They have great drive and a super good business understanding, which enables them to design and execute business strategies in the digital world. Last but not least, they have a great sense of humor!

Peter Hestbaek

Marketing Director


We have good people, but they haven't always thought about SEO, but maybe more about usability.

InboundCPH has guided our technicians to press the right buttons in the right order. We have talented people, but they haven't always thought in terms of SEO, but perhaps more in terms of usability. It has been the art of InboundCPH as a partner to explain the consequences of optimising another channel can have a negative impact on SEO.

Peter Hestbaek

Marketing Director


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