This is how rebranding resulted in more funds for the vulnerable children

Christmas stamp fund (002)


90 %

increased revenue from Google Ads in 1 year

198 %

increase in ROAS on paid SoMe

+24 %

increased financial support for the children

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Much more than "just" Christmas tags and overweight children

What do you do when people no longer send physical Christmas cards? And what do you do when you want to show that you have many more subject areas than the majority know about? These were some of the challenges the Christmas Label Foundation faced and needed help with.

Many know the Julemærkefonden for their Julemærkefonden and work with obese children. But in fact the Christmas Stamp Fund is much more than that. Therefore, the Christmas Label Foundation wanted to rebrand itself, i.a. through a digital changeover, so that the Danes would get to know the Christmas Stamp Foundation's actual work; to help children who fail, are bullied and feel lonely. At the same time, they wanted to change the sender in the market communication from the Julemærkefonden to the Julemærke homes, where the skills are and where the daily work of giving vulnerable children a new start takes place.

"We had an untapped potential with our digital presence, as we were not visible on Google within the themes we wanted to be visible on. Therefore, we first of all looked for an SEO partner, but quickly found out that you also could contribute with strong skills within Google Ads and SoMe - that's why we chose you", explains André G. Hansen, Strategic Project Manager at the Christmas Stamp Foundation.



Julemærkefonden wanted to renew their brand and show the many areas of expertise they work with. In addition, they wanted more focus on the digital channels so that they could achieve higher visibility.



The process was based on digital transformation, where the focus was on strengthening efforts on SEO, Google Ads and SoMe. Based on this, a targeted strategy was laid out with a view to creating awareness about bullying, loneliness and unhappiness as well as collecting donations.



With a much higher degree of digital presence in close cooperation with other media mixes, we have succeeded in rebranding the Christmas Stamp Foundation, so that today there is a much greater degree of knowledge of all their areas of expertise. This has also resulted in an increase of 24 % in financial support for the vulnerable children.

Intensive focus on a strengthened digital presence

After the collaboration was initiated in the summer of 2020, the main focus was on strengthening the Christmas Stamp Foundation's digital presence in order to make visible their expert knowledge and many years of experience in helping children out of unhappiness. The Christmas Tag Foundation lacked visibility on Google within relevant themes, and in addition they wanted to spread awareness of their work with the children and collect donations on social media. With a holistic approach to the digital channels, the focus was placed on the objective of increasing the visibility of the Christmas Tag Foundation on relevant topics across SEO, Google Ads and SoMe. Roughly speaking, we help the Christmas Tag Foundation with:

  • Prepare texts about bullying, unhappiness and loneliness
    When we started the collaboration, Julemærkefonden was only visible on one keyword (out of 209 requested keywords) on page 1 of Google. It was therefore important to prepare texts that were based on the Christmas Stamp Foundation's expert knowledge, which could create visibility on Google and thus help the children, parents, institutions etc. who searched for knowledge and help on the internet.
  • Prepare Google Ads campaigns, i.a. Google Ad Grants
    The main purpose of the Google Ads campaigns was to create visibility and collect money for the vulnerable children. The majority of Google Ads campaigns were Google Ad Grants, which are free ads for NGOs.
  • Prepare paid advertising on social media
    The paid advertising on social media focused on the many aspects of loneliness, unhappiness and bullying - and thus not overweight. The aim was to increase awareness of the Christmas Stamp Foundation's many specialist areas and expert knowledge. At the same time, there was paid advertising with a view to selling products (Christmas tags, gift tags, cookbooks, etc.) and collecting donations to support the children.

In addition to skilled specialists, good results also require close cooperation throughout. Here, André G. Hansen, Strategic Project Manager at the Christmas Tag Foundation, explains what the close collaboration has meant for them; "Your presence and flexibility have made a big difference for us. The fact that we have had one of your specialists sitting by us a few days a week made the collaboration much easier. In addition, it gave us the opportunity to involve you in several of the processes on an ongoing basis".

For the children - for the children

Throughout the collaboration, it has been important that everything that was made should be for the children and to the children. That is why we are very proud of the great results we have created together:

  • 21.25 % increased level of knowledge on average of the Christmas Stamp Foundation's many areas of expertise
  • 101 relevant keywords on page 1 (versus 1 keyword on page 1)
  • 90 % increase in revenue from Google Ads
  • 198 % increase in ROAS on paid social media advertising
  • 24 % increased financial support for the five Julemærkhjem

There is no mistaking the results - the Christmas Stamp Foundation has managed to boost the rebranding and significantly increase their digital presence. On the basis of the overall effort consisting of TV, display etc., supported by SEO, Google Ads and SoMe, the degree of awareness of the Christmas Stamp Foundation's actual work increased; to help children who are disadvantaged, lonely or bullied, with an average of 21.25 %.

The Christmas tag fund is therefore today associated to a much greater extent with other things than just Christmas tags and overweight children. This increased level of awareness and the large amount of money collected via Google Ads and SoMe has further resulted in 24 % increased financial support for the five Julemærke homes, as mentioned above.

With these great results in the bag, the Christmas Stamp Foundation managed to win the Rambuk prize 2021.


The entire collaboration has functioned incredibly well, with your team bringing a high level of skill and expertise. Throughout the process of completing tasks there has been continous reliable collaboration, resulting in outstanding outcomes. It has been a string of successes all throughout.

André G. Hansen

Strategic project manager


In many agencies you pay for a senior, but it is a junior who does the work. It is important to us that there is transparency in the collaboration and that you get what you pay for - and you do that with you.

André G. Hansen

Strategic project manager

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Next step

Continued cooperation

After a year's digital journey, which, in addition to great results, has contributed to an increased focus on digital visibility internally at the Christmas Tag Foundation, the collaboration continued.

"When we see such great results at the same time that there is a close dialogue throughout, then it was very easy to decide that the collaboration should continue. Due to your great focus on helping and training our internal resources, we have today gained a much greater focus on the many digital opportunities we face", explains André G. Hansen, Strategic Project Manager at the Christmas Stamp Foundation.

The focus has subsequently continued to further increase awareness of the Christmas Label Foundation's many areas of expertise through social media and Google Ads. In addition, the collaboration continues with ongoing agreements in the various disciplines to ensure that the experience of recent years is used as much as possible.

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