Black Friday is not just a party for B2C companies

The big consumer holiday, Black Friday, is just around the corner, and many B2B companies face the same challenge every year: most don't have a strategy or address how to take advantage of this event. Many B2B marketers think it's a closed party for B2C marketers, but in fact a study by Danish Industrythat several B2B companies have managed to turn the day to their advantage.

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If you work with B2B sales or marketing, then of course you need to get in on the action this year! However, if you work in B2C, there are still some important pointers you can use too.

Below are a few ideas on how you as a B2B company can participate in Black Friday - and what you can do!

First of all...

...it's a great opportunity to give your competitors a run for their money this day - because they probably don't have a plan either! Many don't expect B2B companies to actively participate at all, so you have a great opportunity to positively stand out in your field.

Build your momentum... in good time

Customer journeys and buying decisions are typically complex and slow in B2B - so it makes sense to get started early. For example, if you don't have a large email database, start by running a campaign to grow your list and make sure you upskill your leads so you can send out an action-packed email on the day.

- Give people an extra good reason to sign up - for example, they can get on a VIP list and get first access to the good offers.

It's about inspiring a quick trade

One of the reasons why this event often brings increased sales and turnover is that as a consumer or buyer, you are already in the mindset that you can do a good business on the day.

As a human being, you are already prepared for many others to join the fight to take part in a limited selection. The rational considerations that typically characterise a purchase decision are superfluous - they just have to shop because they can get it cheaper now.

Give buyers a reason and take advantage of the mindset where you offer your product at a lower price, in a limited scope, for a limited period, etc. - also called Urgency tactics!

Focus on existing customers and use the day to up-sell!

The day doesn't necessarily have to be about acquiring new customers - you can also use this event to nurture relationships and make additional sales by focusing more on your existing customers.

Maybe your customers have a product where it would make sense to buy extensions, so you increase customer involvement in your product range. Make your offer personal and say that the offer is only valid for a limited time. Give them all the right reasons why they should grab it now.


Philip Tovborg

Partner & Head of Inbound Marketing

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