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If you have questions or need an opinion, you can contact Ian Rosenfeldt (Founder & CEO) or Henning Madsen (Founder & Head of SEO) directly by phone or email.

Henning Madsen

Henning Madsen is an SEO pioneer on a European level. Henning started working professionally with SEO already in 1998 – before there was anything called Google – and he has worked with strategic SEO for many of the largest Danish and international companies, including Audi, Expedia, Spies, Sundhed.dk, DFDS and Business.dk.

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Ian Rosenfeldt

Ian Rosenfeldt has solid management experience and is responsible for strategy, management, business development and is a digital marketing specialist, with top skills in Google Ads, SEO, Data Insights and conversion optimization. Since 1999, Ian has dealt with online marketing both operationally and on a strategic level in large and small national and international companies.

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The SEO rate gives Atea an extra 160 million on the bottom line

Computerworld / March 17, 2021

The Danish software company Atea, in collaboration with the SEO specialists from InboundCPH, has found an extra DKK 160 million on the bottom line via a dedicated SEO effort.




New focus lifted revenue by DKK 160 million

Danish Marketing / 16 March 2021

Until 2018, Atea had no dedicated SEO effort, but after making the discipline a central part of the marketing effort, eCommerce revenue has been lifted by DKK 160 million across the Nordic and Baltic countries.




Charlotte was refused a job - was surprised by the company's gesture

BT / 5 February 2021

It came right behind Charlotte Novella when the small package dumped through the door. "I was very happy. Firstly, it was a very sweet gesture, and besides, they didn't have to do anything at all, because they had already given me a refusal,' she says.




SEO advisor warns online stores: Drop your blackhat marketing before it's too late

FDIH / 19 January 2019

The risk of being penalized by Google should make SEO agencies and online stores stay away from the controversial marketing method PBN, says a former blackhat advisor. It is only problematic if you abuse the method, assesses another SEO expert.




Member of the week: InboundCPH – Digital visibility in focus

FDIH / 25 April 2018

E-commerce is increasing and increasing, and therefore it is extra important that your online store ranks high on Google. We have spoken to Henning Madsen from this week's member, InboundCPH, who are experts in Search Engine Optimisation.




Businesses lose SEO gains

Danish marketing / 15 February 2018

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn't hip, but it is effective. Company managers overlook the potential, believes agency founders who, among other things, has boosted Blockbuster's sales with the discipline.




Companies' war to be at the top of Google is intensifying

Dagbladet Børsen / 1 May 2017

Danish companies are spending more and more money to buy a top position on Google. But it can be a headless business, warns an expert in the field.




Hired for search engine optimization for the Vatican

Dagbladet Børsen / 1 May 2017

It is not only the large internet stores such as Elgiganten, Power, Whiteaway or Wupti that have an interest in ranking as high as possible in Google's search field through search engine optimization (SEO).


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